Why weddings are forever changed: Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding

As we think about what weddings will look like “on the other side” of this pandemic, I’m excited to think about what we will take with us as a culture from this time of difficulty and clarity.

Are weddings forever changed?

. . . and no!

In the realm of things I failed to blog before the pandemic, Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding has been at the top of my list.

7 Vines Vineyard Wedding – Delano MN

If you are looking at a vineyard for your MN wedding celebration, this 7 vines vineyard wedding shows off how much fun a summer party can be.

Round barn Farm MN Wedding – Amy and Tim

I’ve been longing for the sensations of this wedding at Round Barn on Minnesota summer day – the smell of warm earth and pine, a breeze the rustles leaves and hair and fancy dresses. Long long days that melt into dusk and still feel limitless. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.…

Minneapolis Event Center Wedding – Katie and Jake

Here is what I want for anyone planning a wedding – plan a celebration that you can actually enjoy being in. It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in a courthouse or a formal ballroom – don’t get so caught up in planning and details that you forget to live it! So I am so…

Tori and Matt preview – a summer dock, two ways

A preview from Tori and Matt’s camp wedding – same dock, before the ceremony and then at the end of the evening!

Lumber Exchange Wedding – Cara and Nate

Cara and Nate’s Lumber Exchange wedding – lovely, joyous, warm, delightful. Many Canadian accents mixed with raucous Iowan ones. Manitoba doesn’t have an official motto, (I’m sure, being too stoic to have to crow about itself) But I stumbled upon the motto for British Columbia – “splendor without diminishment.” Seems like a fitting summary for…

Wabasha Street Caves Wedding, St Paul MN – Ava and Alex

If the sandstone caves along the bluffs of the Mississippi river could share stories, we could get a full glimpse of our history – carved by water and time, home to breweries, then prohibition smuggling, occasionally cheese or mushrooms or storage.

Would those caves imagine dancing and weddings?

Semple Mansion Wedding – Ashley and Brandon

Ashley and Brandon’s Semple mansion wedding was a warm celebration away from a cold December day. Their guests entered the mansion right into the intimate ceremony, and then were rewarded with a wine cellar cocktail hour before adjourning to the ballroom for dinner. From photos with their (adorable!) pup Kimchi to their elegant friend-led ceremony…