St Anthony Main Engagement Photos with Hannah and Nora, Minneapolis

What does it mean to keep seeing photos in the same places?

There is something odd about seeing the same spaces, but with new people. About seeing similar backdrops, but interchanging the people.

Because the truth is this: People are not interchangeable.

Approaching the same spaces with new eyes for these St Anthony main engagement photos.

WA Frost Intimate Winter Wedding – Alex and Jill

I’ve been excited to show the images from Alex and Jill’s WA Frost Intimate Winter Wedding. I’ve also been slowed down by the winter blues. “Neither need you tell me,” said Candide, “that we must take care of our garden.” Winter is a time of contemplation for me. I’m too distracted in the heat of summer, the crush of weddings, the joy of warm days, to spend much time in quiet reflection. But in winter, and especially this post-election winter, I find myself reflecting on my place in the greater world. I know, as a wedding photographer, that in many ways…