Loft Stillwater Wedding

Becca and Alex’s Stillwater loft wedding let the Liftbridge shine in November. Several years ago, the Stillwater Liftbridge was converted from a car crossing to a bike and pedestrian bridge over the St Croix river. What used to be an impossibly busy tangle of traffic has now become the architectural showstopper it was always hiding. Still, when you get married in Minnesota in November, it always means any time outside will be limited. Becca and Alex stepped out of their reception for a little stroll along the waterfront for some time together before returning to the warmth of their celebration!…

Earl & Wilson St Paul wedding

A classic vibe for this wedding in St Paul’s Earl and Wilson event venue.

We started with a first look inside the raw brick space of the Earl and Wilson event center, then made good use of downtown St Paul by taking photos on Raspberry Island. The skyline of St Paul has probably been a perfect backdrop for weddings as long as there has been photography. Timeless, beautiful, steady – just like Jess and Jake.

Bell Museum Wedding Minneapolis

In the heart of the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a wedding unfolded at a truly unique and enchanting venue—the Bell Museum of Natural History. Amidst the awe-inspiring exhibits of ancient fossils, fascinating minerals, and diverse wildlife, a couple exchanged their vows and embarked on a lifetime of love.

Minneapolis wedding Venues that don’t exist – Aria

Here is my theory when writing a blog post – the writing should be interesting even if to people who were not there. Interesting even if the wedding didn’t exist.

I’ve been a Minneapolis wedding photographer long enough to have seen venues open and close, trends come and go, stories begin and end. And so I am sharing this gorgeous wedding at of on my favorite wedding venues that no longer exists, Aria.

6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos

Here is the thing about looking comfortable – it is much easier to do if you actually *feel* comfortable! That means that we all want the same thing – for you to be comfortable and actually have a good time. I’ve got 6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos.

The Real Wedding Photography Questions I Wish You Would Ask

So many of the “must ask questions for your wedding photographer” don’t really get to the heart of what you want to know. Here are the real wedding photography questions I wish you would ask (and the questions I often get asked instead!)

Lumber Exchange Wedding Minneapolis

Thrilled to share Michelle and Paul’s Lumber Exchange wedding in Minneapolis. For me, its all about the joyful moments. Those ones that couples create together, the ones guests share in celebration, the ones that we carry with us for more difficult times.

Minneapolis Wedding at Urban Daisy

Here is the thing – you never expect guests to storm the dance floor in inflatable costumes. And yet, there is something about Annie and Alex’s wedding that made this happening just feel like a natural progression of the evening. Even their spectacular sequined Nicolas Cage pillow, which adorned their head table, felt like an natural part of their decor.