Chelsea and Logan’s Minneapolis wedding at Khaluna and Hewing Hotel

This small but mighty wedding started at the Hewing, headed to City Hall for a wedding, then celebrated at Khaluna for a tour of the best of Minneapolis. But first, an existential digression: Anyone else get all existential in the past few years? Like, how do all these systems around us work, and what is our role in them? Humanity is complicated and often ugly, so where do we find the value, and the meaning, and the beauty in all this muck? That’s where I’ve been spending some intellectual time with myself in these past few years of pandemic and…

Young Joni Wedding

Sierra and Katie’s wedding at Como Conservatory and Young Joni Yesterday, someone asked me how many weddings I have photographed. It has been a while since I made a full count, but my back-of-the-napkin calculations put me around 450. I’ve photographed over 450 celebrations. Dancing, laughing, tears, bowties, blisters, snow, sun, rain. 450 makes it seem like I’ve seen it all. And yet. And yet I can never step in the same stream twice. It is not the same stream, and I am not the same person. It is the same for weddings- each celebration is a unique combination of…

Why weddings are forever changed: Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding

As we think about what weddings will look like “on the other side” of this pandemic, I’m excited to think about what we will take with us as a culture from this time of difficulty and clarity.

Are weddings forever changed?

. . . and no!

In the realm of things I failed to blog before the pandemic, Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding has been at the top of my list.

Minneapolis Restaurant Wedding – Anne + John

If you’ve seen my post about the photos that took me the longest to process in 2014, you probably have seen the 100+ image panorama of Anne + John featured in this post. It is only a small part of their wedding day, but it was a quiet beautiful moment of just the two of them. To me, their wedding seemed to be a series of those little moments, interspersed with the chatting and dinning that must accompany a wedding. Anne + John have a way of being together, even in a crowd of others, even when they are not together, that truly…