Hilltop Spring Green Wedding

Are you planning a wedding in Western Wisconsin’s driftless area, The Hilltop venue, Spring Green, Dodgeville, or a Taliesin inspired venue? I would love to talk with you more about your photography! I’m from Madison, I live in Minneapolis, I travel all over the Midwest, and I love the unique landscapes of this area.

MN Farm Wedding – Molly and Matt

I first met Molly in our neighborhood – she was in her front yard with a chain saw cutting up large pieces of a tree that had been knocked down in the storm. For our part, the storm damage had knocked out our power, and instead of being industrious, we took a walk to the…

Norskedalen Driftless WI Wedding – Robin and Logan

Norskedalen heritage center is a mouthful to pronounce and a place you would never just stumble into, but the preserved farm houses and shelters make for amazing views of the hills in all directions. And those hills made for an amazing backdrop for late night fireworks illuminated by the misty evening.

Its only a part of their love story – one location out of many, one day out of thousands. But it was a hell of a celebration, and the marking of a great partnership.

White Bear Lake Backyard Wedding with The Lower 48 – Kari and Yasha

Why you can’t be happier than these two in their White Bear Lake Backyard Wedding Go. Be married from your childhood home, surrounded by warm memories and photographs of you. Be married on a sunny day at the church you belong to, together – Unitarian and welcoming, simple and heartfelt. Laugh with your guests who don’t know…

Wisconsin Wedding on the Prairie – Mindy and Peter

Everyone brings layers of meaning to every gathering they attend; their personal history, their hopes and goals, their experience, their relationships. Can we ever truly share an experience together? Perhaps we are always experiencing facets of the same event, even as we attend it together. After hundreds of weddings, I am even more enamored by the newness,…

Silverwood Park Wedding

Without fail, Silverwood Park Weddings beckons guests to linger on the patio and laugh during cocktail hour. Its a space that invites everyone to dance, and then cool off outside with a s’more.

Hartland Farmhouse Wedding {Kat + Noah}

What a pleasure to photograph Kat + Noah’s wedding at Kat’s family farm outside Hartland, MN this winter. A little old Minnesota, a little modern love, this was a lovely intimate day. Hair + makeup: Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios

Wisconsin Farm House Wedding of Friends {Ian & Liza}

Sometimes friendships just sneak up on you: I can’t really place when I became friends with Ian & Liza, but over the years of high school, summer camp, and then as adults, we just sort of fell into a comfortable friendship that I have grown to put the highest value on. I was honored when…