St Paul College Club Wedding MN – Nicole and Tim

This St Paul College Club Wedding is exactly what the mansions on Summit Avenue were built for – Celebrating in the ballroom, dinning in the salons.

Minneapolis Adventurous Elopement wedding photos

What if the adventure of being in winter is part of your elopement story? Lucy and David brought along two very accommodating witnesses for an adventurous trek through the snow and into their wedding day.

Wedding at Solar Arts – Megan and James

I’m always psyched when a couple tells me they are planning their wedding at Solar Arts in NE Minneapolis because I know that we definitely share two things in common: we love food, and we value how your guests celebrate with you! So I was thrilled to meet with Megan and James for a beer on the first floor of Solar Arts at Indeed Brewing (their wooden soul barrel aged program remains a gem of brewing) to discuss their wedding plans. And that is also where we stopped for a drink right after their ceremony on the 3rd floor of…

Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter – Laura and Eric

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show. – Andrew Wyeth Before I gush about Laura and Eric’s Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter I think I should make it clear – the temperature outside was around zero. I think that should be said before anything else. In winter, we agree to share our burden: we remove our jackets, and scarves, and hats. And we agree, for this time, to be warm together. To find a corner of this bleak cold, sometimes beautiful and sometimes dangerous…

St Paul City Hall Elopement – Darby and Alex

When people mention a “city hall elopement” you might imagine a combination of airy modern skyways paired with old dark offices. But one of the most remarkable buildings in Minnesota is definitely St Paul’s city hall, where Darby and Alex chose to exchange their vows in the breathtaking lobby. For some reason, this art deco moody masterpiece is stunningly in tact. From the dark marble walls and gold mirrored ceiling to the intricate bronze and stone elevators, everything is in service to the three story Vision of Peace statue in the lobby. Three story tall statue. An intimate wedding brings…

Semple Mansion Wedding – Ashley and Brandon

Ashley and Brandon’s Semple mansion wedding was a warm celebration away from a cold December day. Their guests entered the mansion right into the intimate ceremony, and then were rewarded with a wine cellar cocktail hour before adjourning to the ballroom for dinner. From photos with their (adorable!) pup Kimchi to their elegant friend-led ceremony and some hilarious toasts, the night was full of laughter and joy. I particularly enjoyed their eclectic group of friends, many with theatrical backgrounds, who made the speeches and the dancing and the general banter so lively throughout the evening. It is clear that Ashley…

Aria Minneapolis Warehouse Wedding – Jill and Pat

What can say about Jill and Patrick’s Minneapolis warehouse wedding at Aria that the photos don’t show? It was happy and gorgeousand had a great band.

Aria Winter Wedding Minneapolis

Couples often want to know if I can take photos in dark spaces. Long Answer: Not only can I take photos in dark spaces, but I think it is vital for photographers in the Upper Midwest to be able to do so. Alicia and Blake’s wedding was stunning, and warm, and vibrant, and gorgeous. And it didn’t feel dark – it felt glowing. Being able to convey that in images is my job and my honor. So, yeah. I’ll take photos in dark spaces, in winter, in caves, at night. However you are celebrating, that’s what I want to document.